Can You Use Expired Skincare And Beauty Products?

Did you know? Certain beauty products can expire within 3 months. Make sure your beauty products are not expired as they could cause unintended skin issues.
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What Will Happen if You Use Skincare or Beauty Products That Have Expired?

Certain skincare products that contain active ingredients can lose their potency and effectiveness and could limit the efficacy of the product.

Over time, ingredients can break down creating different chemical reactions to the skincare and skin, and could cause irritation, rashes, and allergies to sensitive skin.

It’s best to check the expiration date to make sure your products are safe and effective for use!

Beauty Product Expiration Rule of Thumb

Unopened beauty products have a shelf life of approximately 2 years when stored properly. After a product is opened, it should be used as directed, within one year.  Below is a list of beauty products and a suggested expiration date.

What Should You do if Skincare or Beauty Products are Expired?

Dispose of them responsibly. Completely empty bottles and jars that can be emptied of their contents, and remove as much of the product into the trash where it will go into a landfill. If the makeup bottle is plastic or glass you can recycle it after it has been cleaned and emptied.


Do You Need to Replace Expired Skincare? 

We got you! Our licensed estheticians are happy to suggest new products to help you start the new year with healthy skin!

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