What’s the Best Skincare for Your 20’s?

Skincare in your 20’s is all about prevention. We don’t visibly see signs of aging on your skin yet and so it may seem contradictory to take measures in preventing aging. However, it is important we preserve our youth and start preventing signs of aging.
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Protect your Skin from the Sun

Use SPF daily! In your 20’s you should make a conscious effort to avoid excessive sun exposure whenever possible. If you are a sun worshiper I know this can be hard, most of my favorite activities involve being in the sun! However, up to 90% of skin aging is caused by the sun so therefore the best way to prevent aging is to avoid being in the sun, particularly for long periods of time. Of course, staying out of the sun altogether is impossible and this is where sun protection comes into play. Remember that any darkening of the skin from sun exposure is damaging not just sunburns, and the sun exposure you receive in your 20’s will show up on your skin as sun damage and aging later in life.

Add a Vitamin C Serum

Ingredients that target signs of aging also preserve youth and prevent aging long term. Vitamin C is a fantastic ingredient to incorporate in our 20’s as it not only treats current sun damage within the skin but also prevents the free radical damage caused by sun damage that leads to fine lines, wrinkles, and sunspots/ hyperpigmentation. Ingredients that target signs of aging also preserve youth and prevent aging long term.  You want to make sure the vitamin C serum you are using is high quality (usually expensive) and is at least a 10% concentration.

Find an Esthetician

Receiving regular treatments such as facials, HydraFacials or chemical peels can do wonders for your skin. Having an esthetician also takes the guesswork out of which skincare products to use for your skin type and your skin concerns. Estheticians can ensure you are using good products in your at home maintenance regimen to effectively care for your skin. You don’t have to waste your money on products that don’t work for you instead you can consult with an esthetician and feel confident that your skincare regimen cleanses your skin properly, exfoliates regularly, hydrates appropriately and protects.

Choose Healthy Habits

Although our 20’s can be referred to as our “party years” we should also keep in mind that the choices made in our 20’s eventually catch up to us. Avoid unhealthy lifestyle choices like smoking; cigarette smoke is a known carcinogen that creates free radical damage in the skin which destroys collagen and causes premature aging.  Excessive drinking, lack of sleep, stress, and diet all have an influence on your body and can contribute to inflammation which speeds up the aging process. Incorporate healthy foods that can help prevent aging and give your skin that glow we all want!

Remember that prevention is key in your 20’s to preserve the youth of your skin, think in terms of what your future skin might look like not just what it looks like now! For more information on learning what’s the best skincare to use in your 20’s, check out our video to learn more.

You can always chat with a Pomp esthetician about what skincare is best for you and what to start incorporating in your 20’s.

Nicole Hatfield
Pomp Esthetician
NBC HWC & Certified Esthetician, Founder of Radiant Beings Wellness & Beauty Coaching